General Questions

Who we are ?
Highest paying Crypto Faucet where you can Earn free Tokens like BTC SHIB SOL LTC BNB and more !
We offer high rates in all aspect like manual faucet , mad faucet , we offer high prizes in our wheel of fortune game , so make sure to sign up with us
you can earn through : manual faucet (3 minutes timer) , MAD faucet (no timer) , wheel of fortune ( high prizes) ,Dice game , Ptc ads , shortlinks and offerwalls
creation of multiple account is not allowed and you will get banned if you do it
we offer base reward in our Token that automatically converted to BTC ,SHIB, SOL, LTC , USDT and more

we currently offer deposits via directly faucetpay , coinbase .
minimum deposit ?
only 0.05 USD for faucetpay , coinbase .
deposit amount is only used to create advertisment

what are the cryptocurrency available for withdrawing ?
we offer Bitcoin , Litecoin ,Binance (BNB) Tether (USDT , on tron blockchain) , SHIB UNU (Coinbase) , SOLANA
you need only to have a verified account ( mail verification)
only 0.15 USD or 1500 Tokens but can vary depending on market conditions.
through faucetpay , or Coinbase to your wallet ( all withdrawal require manual verfication before sending)
any transaction can not be reversed , so make sure before you sumbit

Unlike Our competitor we offer high rates and we calculate refferal earning on all tasks including offerwalls
how much is the rate we offer for referral ?
15 % of all completed tasks including offerwalls
no you can't and you will get banned if you do it
Our Goals

We Know that majority of Crypto faucets close after short terms due financial problem or scams plan , our goal is to stay here to establish a loyal base of users and grow our ruputaions in the market
Long term ?
Reach 100K user by the end of 2022 and launch our proper token
Privacy Policy

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